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Hell Hell is the greatest yoke ever created by mankind: it has led to the conformity of billions of men. Still, in this age of Science, most men are led to act in such a way so as to avoid … Continue reading

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Elementary Logic

In the beginning Mother mated with Father and created me, the individual who writes these very words. I am merely the cause of what St.Paul describes as a base ritual, an act deplored by the Great Creator of this very … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design?….Purpose?

words are needless…

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Ignorance is a shield, a set of divine armor We are nothing without it and my fear is naked reason, skepticism, and doubt have acidic ally rendered my strength to stupidity how I see the abyss before me looming and … Continue reading

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Rebuttal of a Christian Reason

How can the Christian claim that it is only through god that men are moral? The Christian believes in the existence of one particular god, (or three-in-one-gods),and rejects every other conception of the divine that does not correlate with that … Continue reading

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on regret and guilt

Regret and guilt are coupled together in my mind AS THE GREATEST SINS… This is one of the many issues I have regarding monotheism. Regret is a static feeling that leads nowhere and has no purpose, it is the opposite … Continue reading

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Absurdity-survival after death

The ultimate metaphysical query-“DO I SURVIVE AFTER DEATH?”  This question is as absurd as the question: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE AFTER THE MOVIE IS OVER. The absurd stance of this question has fashioned absurd beliefs, and never has a reasonable … Continue reading

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