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Philosophy for the Masses

I often catch myself looking into a mirror, at my own dashing reflection, and surely what part of me that ‘catches’ the admiring attribute of my soul is the same part that caused me to participate in weekly mass. That … Continue reading

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As men who gyrate to a stone, a pig, a calf, or a book Who contemplate truth from the comfort of their nook who speak in tongues, the idiotic language of God Whom decipher the hard, true, and tested method … Continue reading

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Utter vanity is all muttering in our sleep gently caressing inane theories suckling foolishness like a mother’s teat resting our logic on steel pillows no wonder reason bellows Linking ourselves to a dream calling all other action obscene “I have … Continue reading

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Ignorance is a shield, a set of divine armor We are nothing without it and my fear is naked reason, skepticism, and doubt have acidic ally rendered my strength to stupidity how I see the abyss before me looming and … Continue reading

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the resentment of the rock

 The tides of life past me by and as I wonder why I see that I am a heavy stone my nature is not to move why the fuck has fate stricken me so if only their were a god … Continue reading

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