Hell is the greatest yoke ever created by mankind: it has led to the conformity of billions of men. Still, in this age of Science, most men are led to act in such a way so as to avoid perdition. Parents throughout the ages has found that the best method for teaching the child to quell his incessant ‘whys’ has been punishment, and master’s of slaves have also found that the only way to keep slaves in line has been by placing grave consequences upon even the least infringement, as states James Ramsey, “The ordinary punishments of slaves, for the common crimes of neglect, absence from work, eating the sugar cane, theft, are cart whipping, beating with a stick, sometimes to the breaking of bones, the chain, an iron crook about the neck… a ring about the ankle, and confinement in the dungeon. There have been instances of slitting of ears, breaking of limbs, so as to make amputation necessary, beating out of eyes, and castration” Such devastating punishments ward off the future act of rebellion. Knowledge of this led Napoleon to assert that —-. It is the nature of humanity to avoid that which is painful, and that which leads to pain, it has thus been an effective strategy of the ruling class to conjoin rebellion with pain in the minds of the ruled. Now I must say it loud, and against the screams of the majority: Hell is the whip of the priest. Hell is the threat of the brand, of the cross. Hell is the chain, the guillotine by which the priest’s ideology gains authority and sanctity.


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