To The Dreamers


IF you dig deep enough into the soft, though repulsively odoriferous mud of ignorance which all truth is buried in, you will uncover small pieces of reality, and you will invariably throw these away from you for they emanate a stench far worse than the mud they were hidden in……Truth stinks: it offends every sense. Happiness is not produced from understanding, in fact, happiness is the favorite child of ignorance. So, my friend, if it is happiness you seek: STOP DIGGING FOR TRUTH, and merely lay your head upon the foundation of ignorance and stare into the clouds. Make this cloud look like a funny clown, and that one a benevolent god. Sleep comfortably in your illusion until death whisks you off into eternity, for felicity’s sake!

I only ask that you do not waste the resources of the scientist and the psychologist, who seek truth: for their discoveries are what keeps you dreamers dreaming. They develop the medicines, and they build the tools which accommodate your slumber. So, do not, for the sake of your own ignorance (happiness) attempt to say that your cloud mirages are real and consequential and monarchical, and creating, and worthy of the first fruits of Man, else you feel the effects of the hammer of reason upon your myths.


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