Elementary Logic

In the beginning Mother mated with Father and created me, the individual who writes these very words. I am merely the cause of what St.Paul describes as a base ritual, an act deplored by the Great Creator of this very same act. With this knowledge I realize that, according to the Christian paradigm, my life is the effect of a rebellion against God, and that if my Mother was a good Christian I would not exist. This begs the question of whether I myself should devote my life to a god that had to be disobeyed in order for me to live. Shouldn’t I, a scion of a veritable ‘Fuck You’ to God, give my longest finger to this divine magistrate?

Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am). What an unconditional statement this was. It presumes nothing, and it conquers all the metaphysical hot-air spewed by people who would like to think that they do not really exist. I think therefore I am: Such power, and clarity, and truth.  I have the ability to contemplate phenomena, I have the ability to store this contemplation for future consideration, and I have the ability to use this remembered past contemplation to decide how to interact with phenomena in the now, and in the future. This is my intelligence, my reason, and it presupposes and declares the existence of ME.

So, I exist, and I do so, as aforementioned, in direct opposition to Christian morality. Let me, who knows with certainty that he exists because he thinks, use my intellect to decide whether:

A. I should believe and adhere to a religion antithetical to my life.

B. I should believe that an omnipotent creator would make the prerequisite to life a damnable sin and rebel against this thought-to-be creator therefor.

C. I should laugh at the outrageous presumption that a paradox such as this could be the attribute of an omniscient, just, and loving being, thus focusing my life neither on rebelling nor adhering seriously to such an illusion, but living as a non-believer.

I venture to think that the most intelligent route to take here would be C., call me crazy, a loon, a devil, a cretin, call me what you will: this is a choice I have made based on a faculty that I possess which proves that I exist. I think, therefore God is an old joke.


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