An Unedited Manifest of My Ego

This is merely a strain of thought which I have done nothing to organize. I posted it in the hope that someone will find something wrong and constructively criticize it.

  • God was created first as a means for man to control the horrible forces of nature, a type of psychological umbrella. His origin is Humanistic, though time, ignorance, and governments have debased gods pandering to man to a god whom man panders to, essentially distancing supernatural belief from its humanistic roots, and giving the keys to the priest and other higher authority bent on control.Modern religion now revolves around this mythical construct, Mankind lying somewhere in the exterior, in the form of a loon and a sinner. They created this umbrella to use, now they sacrifice their first-born children to it. Though this god cannot talk, we luckily have the priest to inform us of this omnipotent being’s fiats. The priest says, “God says,’bow down.’” “Yes sir”, we say.       ”God says,’Condoms are worse than AIDS.’”  And it becomes imperative to start a crusade against condoms.
  • Faith in this bullshit( there is no better word) is generally considered today, in our culture, to be the zenith of goodness. So much worth do Christians  place in faith, that it is the only imperative to enter the gates of Heaven.
  • What does it take to have faith. What must you and I do in order to reach this divine, and noble place? Why, we must shut our logic, our strength, and we must sacrifice our ego. We must conform, we must go from men, to bleary-eyed bovines ready to believe anything, and ready to trample anyone for the sake of faith. Now hopefully, in this sponge-like state, someone doesn’t come along and convert us to a false faith, else we burn anyway. Doesn’t this truth cheapen that celestial suburb?
  • This is the goal of every governance; to meld the individual person into an American, or Jew, or a Muslim or a Christian; to persuade him to sacrifice his own ego for some vague ideal. Only after one has melded himself to ‘god’s will’,  could the high priest of any religion manifest itself and begin to issue brutal fiats based on nothing but this very priest’s word. People will listen to nonsense if they believe that by doing so their ideal will be reached; they will even call the adherence to this nonsense morality. Insert such stupidities as culture, and watch people form into massive groups, each with its very own asinine, illogical, traditions. Each with its true and perfect creator of the universe. Each listening to the priest for the revelation of a god. Each harboring an ideal. Each wishing for a Camelot. Each sacrificing all they have for what they can never attain.
  • Once a governance has become the sole perceived conduit to truth, peace, happiness, and safety, it may reign in whatever stupid way it chooses, because the people are under the impression that it cannot be wrong since whatever it does is right, even if it’s actions were once considered evil. A Christian is inclined to believe the Pope was right when he said the Holy Land must be retaken from the infidels by use of force, even though Christianity is a religion founded on the life of a generally peaceful and passive man. Hypocrisy, but the Pope is the accepted head of the accepted Church of the accepted god, and to deny him, to even question him means being opposed to the ideal, to a future in heaven.
  • Here is the reason why morality has as many faces as there are cultures in this world, and why it can easily be corrupted.  Morality is simply the prescribed method of movement toward an ideal. Virtue then depends on the sought after end, and the supposed means to that end. When Hitler said that the Jews were the sole obstacle between Germany as it stood and Germany as it was idealized: perfect, and dominant, he made it moral for Nazis to round Jews up like chaff and burn them. Hitler became a messenger and a guide for a certain people’s Utopia. They gained that familiar tunnel vision which distorts reality and often leads to destruction. Despite the fact that murder is inherently antithetical to the human animal, the human can be led to murder without conscience if he believes he is striving for an ideal. Likewise the Jew obliged without qualm to the slaughter of Canaanites, because he was moving to the rhythm of god’s will. History is nothing if not the recording of the effects of people sacrificing their individualism for a cause ‘above’ their mundane existence. These causes always take on a symbol; whether a statue, a tree, a rock, a flag, or a cross. For the Nazis it was the Swastika, for the Jew the star of David, for the American the Stars and Stripes, and for the mainstream atheist, it is the giant, in-your-face A. These symbols are necessary because the actual purpose is too vague, too odd, and too tenebrous to galvanize and hold the attentions of the masses it seeks.
  • I venture to think that the only symbol worthy of adoration and sacrifice is I, to hell with the rest. Any ideal outside or ‘beyond’, which entails one to abolish his ego for the betterment of the whole, is contradictory and thus evil to oneself.  

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