Is Atheism Arrogance?:}

        The indictment of arrogance is frequently submitted by the cornered theist as a last ditch effort to stave off the validity of the atheist. It is ironic that they would resort to using such admonishment, considering the meaning of all their beliefs. What is the Creation theory but universal anthropomorphic propaganda?


 Who created man?

 “The god”, sayeth theist1.

 Who created the universe?

“This selfsame god.”

And for whom did this god create this vast universe?

 “Why, for man.”

And, my dear, idiot theist, why O’ why does the sun rise, and the Earth spin, and why is the grass green, and why are there other animals here on Earth, and why do the stars shine at night? 

“Of course, these are all gifts from god for Man, his most beloved species.” 


Some say atheism is a leap of faith much greater than belief in god/gods/Santa Claus/ Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Some argue that a supernatural creator is Self-Evident, and that it is the atheist who is in denial of reality. In other words, it is him/her who DOESN’T believe that snakes talk, or that virgins birth super-hybrid god-men bent on saving the world by being strung up like a common powerless criminal, who are the delusional ones. 

Some say these things, but is any rebuttal really needed?


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One Response to Is Atheism Arrogance?:}

  1. I also don’t see why theists feel that the slander of arrogance is in any way applicable to an argument anyway. So, what if I’m a genius who has read nearly everything there is to know about theology and religious history and I arrogantly state that there is no reason to believe in God. So what? Don’t I have a right to be arrogant? Does my arrogance somehow refute all my knowledge? It’s petty jealousy, in my opinion. If someone has more knowledge than me, I don’t feel the need to blame them for being arrogant. They have earned the right to feel that way 🙂

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