A gun barks in a bucolic paradise

shattering the illusion of peace

and the fiction that all is right

A gun barks and children fall

their parents squall

The politician runs to his dais

and cries for none and all

the surviving children’s parent weep too

in joy, though

for they have gambled and won

A gun barks and the cameras flash

a spectacle to be caught and sold

a pristine fantastic jumble

The money grows by the ton

In the end everyone grows

darker and a little bold

a mite closer to the edge

two-fold the love spreads

A gun barked and they look back

all caught in the web

of cause this effect that

the strings are tied

the guilt is atoned

A gun barked

pity that

A mere ripple in a frosty pond

the stone dropped nonchalant

we gaze as frogs on a log

and soon forget

it all



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