Rebuttal of a Christian Reason

How can the Christian claim that it is only through god that men are moral?

The Christian believes in the existence of one particular god, (or three-in-one-gods),and rejects every other conception of the divine that does not correlate with that god of their book, so the Christian believes that every other religion is revolving around an idol, a devil, or a myth. And yet, moral Muslims exist, and moral Hindus, and Jainists, and Buddhists,(to say nothing of moral atheists). Obviously one doesn’t have to stretch the imagination far to see how faulty the Christians claim is to be in sole possession of morality.
There must be Christians who realize the existence of morality outside their parish: they must believe that morality is possible under an illusion, that goodness and virtue exist beyond the reach of their concept of god. This of course is contrary to the biblical paradigm wherein the non-believer and heretic is portrayed as the zenith of evil and sin. But the Christian has recourse to solidify his righteousness: it is by faith and faith alone that man evades eternal torture and reaps  eternal reward. Faith and faith alone.

  • Faith…
  • Alone…

The Christian god then resembles a Santa Claus who marks every one off his nice-list who doesn’t emphatically believe in his existence, goodness non-withstanding.The Bible  clearly states this, it is clear that faith without works is good enough to make it to heaven. Obviously the actual work is valueless. And, according to this religion, even the most morally righteous among us are subject to perdition because they did not believe the way, and the truth, and the light came from a highly contradictory book, with a blood soaked history, and no evidence to back it.
Where is the morality of such a belief? On what ground does the Christian suppose that morals are only attainable through their three-headed deity? Why the fuck are we still having such arguments?


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