on regret and guilt

  • Regret and guilt are coupled together in my mind AS THE GREATEST SINS… This is one of the many issues I have regarding monotheism. Regret is a static feeling that leads nowhere and has no purpose, it is the opposite of acceptance and affirmation. Yes, if I’ve only learned one thing from sorrow and failure, it is that even these sordid phenomena must be affirmed in order for an individual to reach the goal they aspire to. I also know that every worthy goal is like a MOUNTAIN in that it is very difficult to climb and very rewarding once surmounted. The object is to embrace fear and depression and failure because they surely mean that we are climbing our mountain. Those who choose to evade fear and failure, ironically, never succeed. Their aim is the top of a hill, they only ever accomplish insignificance…..but they also evade fear!! What a trade: exultant happiness for the successful evasion of fear.


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