Absurdity-survival after death

The ultimate metaphysical query-“DO I SURVIVE AFTER DEATH?”  This question is as
absurd as the question: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE AFTER THE MOVIE IS OVER. The absurd stance of this question has fashioned absurd beliefs, and never has a
reasonable philosophy been based on such a comically contradictive ground. The
answer to such a question is self-evident: Allow me to clarify the situation.
Forget the considerably long discourse that would begin  upon breaking down what
‘I’ entails, lets simply move on to the definition of death. Death means the end
of life and to survive means to continue living, so the aforementioned question
essentially is :” Do I continue to live after I have ceased living?” The
absurdity is evident, if so much anxiety wasn’t at stake, people would realize
this, they wouldn’t ask this question, because they would already know the


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