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on regret and guilt

Regret and guilt are coupled together in my mind AS THE GREATEST SINS… This is one of the many issues I have regarding monotheism. Regret is a static feeling that leads nowhere and has no purpose, it is the opposite … Continue reading

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Absurdity-survival after death

The ultimate metaphysical query-“DO I SURVIVE AFTER DEATH?”  This question is as absurd as the question: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE AFTER THE MOVIE IS OVER. The absurd stance of this question has fashioned absurd beliefs, and never has a reasonable … Continue reading

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O’ faith

Faith- Many atheists call faith irrational and they essentially damn it. They love to treat it harshly. But, faith is an affliction of the logical process of the mind, it is a disease that stymies cognitive ability in the same manner that polio … Continue reading

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“beyond good and evil”

Every war is fought by opponents which perceive their side as being good and the other as evil. They both ‘obey’ their conception of God, they both war against the devil, the winner always attributes victory to the gods, thus … Continue reading

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On Goal Making

When the philosopher asks what is the goal of humanity, I begin to count the seconds until he writes a holy book and massacres any man woman and child who dares strive for a different goal than that which he … Continue reading

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Every Hope Is Only A Let down

At dawn when I rise the Nights dream is put a remnant hope separated from possibility . fecundity   I don’t dare surmise . . . . . . Battlements risen to the clouds must begin on an earthly mound . . … Continue reading

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